Why is society so intrigued by watching films or TV that illustrates the destruction of the human race

Why is society so intrigued by watching films or TV that illustrates the destruction of the human race?

I, like many other people, am fascinated with science fiction movies, shows, and novels that present what could pose a threat to humanity in the future. Some of my favorite sci-fi movies are The SilenceThe CircleThe Fifth Wave, and Bird Box. What I find fascinating though is that all of these films illustrate different ways humanity could end, yet they are still so popular.

  • Why do we want to watch media that tells us how we could possibly die?
  • What makes us keep coming back to watch them again, or watch a film just like them?
  • Does it make the audience fear that the situations they portray could happen tomorrow?
  • What is their intent?

What I do commend sci-fi literature and films for is that they can reveal to us things we should NOT do if situations like them are to occur. I also think they can expose the selfish or heroic ways human beings can act.

  • What can watching these types of films teach us?
  • How do they instill fear within us to better our knowledge about the unknown future?

The source I found talks about the importance of communication. How can communication benefit society in a time of crisis like an unknown invasion or threat to humanity?

Society’s interest in Dystopian Film and TV

I don’t think people necessarily go into watching these films or TV shows, with the goal of learning survival tactics for the future in mind. A significant message about the dangers of our future may strike some people close to their heart, but I know that seeing an apocalyptic situation in a movie is very interesting because it is a very thrilling topic. You can usually easily self insert yourself as the main protagonist of the film. You’re not only cheering for the main character to succeed, but you’re finding yourself, rooting for yourself to succeed. A lot of us may just have morbid curiosity as well. Seeing a movie poster we may think “How the hell are they gonna get out of this one?” and analyze our own probability of surviving the events of the movie.

Finding Peace with Casual Life Through Action

I feel like people enjoy watching media that shows their downfall because of its ability to feel real. This need for adventure and action in one’s life is embedded in every one of us, no matter how disinterested one might outwardly project. I feel like sci-fi shows and movies about the end of the world give us first, a good starting point for an imaginative dream of what we would do in those situations and secondly, something to fear, or more like something to be able to react to and then say “well I’m glad that’s not my reality”.

It’s almost like we watch these “scary” shows about our possible demise to show our minds that we are NOT dying, we are NOT being invaded by aliens right now or we are NOT in the middle of a zombie apocalypse fighting for our lives. Watching these films almost gives you an appreciation for the little things, which humans, typically, desperately need.

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