After gaining a better understanding of the meaning of paidia and ludus, I believe that societies must have both in order to thrive.

For example, paidia can be understood as a freeing type of play that fosters great imagination and creativity, while ludus is viewed as a structured type of play that consists of many rules and regulations. Ludus is ultimately important in society so there can be organization in the government, jobs, schools, etc. However, paidia is essential in order to achieve human satisfaction and happiness since it allows for a person to be independent along with fostering creativity through art, theater, or unique fashion. Both of these types of play are also important in defining different cultures through numerous characteristics of how different societies act. Neither of these types of play outweigh one another and both serve a great purpose in society.

In conclusion, I believe that there must be a healthy balance of paidia and ludus so there can be order and freedom in the lives of all people.