I believe that the best way to reduce voter fraud regarding mail-in ballots is to completely get rid of them.

Last year, we all heard about the seemingly endless controversy associated with mail-in ballots and fraud. I think that the process of mail-in voting is not secure and provides ample opportunity for that vote to get into the wrong hands. Just think about how many hands that piece of paper gets into before it’s counted!

I believe that a better option to mail-in voting is possibly having government officials go around to those who cannot make it to the polls and cast their vote there at their houses. This allows those who are unable to get out of the house to still be able to vote. Of course, many security measures need to be taken into place to ensure that people don’t start posing as government officials, but I feel this would eliminate the chances of voter fraud. Even if these officials came around with an iPad–this would be even better.

In conclusion, I believe mail-in voting needs to be gone completely, it can’t be trusted.