What is the reason behind the virulence of Gram negative bacteria? Why are they named “Negative”

What is the reason behind the virulence of Gram negative bacteria? Why are they named “Negative”?

Gram negative bacteria can cause different infections including pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wound or surgical site infections, and meningitis in healthcare settings. They are known to be so dangerous as they acquire the ability to resist a big number of antibiotic drugs.

istockphoto on Gram negative bacteria
Hand drawn microbiology set. Gram negative bacteria. Isolated on white

Here are more detailed information about dangers and risks of Gram negative bacteria:

Gram Negative

So, my Question is:

What gives this type of bacteria these unique characteristics?

what makes them easily spread and hard to kill?

What are virulence factors for Gram negative?

Does that mean that only Gram negative bacteria can be pathogenic while gram positive are actually good bacteria?

What is the reason behind naming them “Gram Negative Bacteria”?

Also, What can we do to avoid them?

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