What are your thoughts about the disconnect between what marketers think and what consumers want when it comes to preferred media channels

What are your thoughts about the disconnect between what marketers think and what consumers want when it comes to preferred media channels?

Global Media & Ad preferences for consumers vs. marketers


Many marketers believe that advertising on digital instead of non-digital channels is the best way to reach consumers. A recent survey of 700 senior marketers found that they prefer online channels, and online video ads are their favorite. They also prefer social media and streaming TV ads. Surprisingly, non-digital TV ads came in second, but this non-digital channel is the only one listed in their preferred top 5.

However, recent reports also illustrate that marketers are getting it wrong if they advertise primarily on these channels because consumers prefer many non-digital ad channels and formats. A survey of 4,000 consumers worldwide found that cinema ads, sponsored events, print ads, and magazine ads represented four of the top 5 preferred ad channels for consumers aged 16-65. Consumers find them to be less intrusive. What was the only digital ad channel that made their list of top 5? Digital OOH ads.

There is also a disconnect about the preferred media brands, with marketers preferring YouTube and consumers preferring TikTok. Another recent report illustrates that consumers trust sources in the following order:  friends and family, review sites, news and information websites, and printed newspapers and magazine articles.

  • As a marketer, what surprises you or does not surprise you about these findings?
  • After sharing these findings with others (e.g., parents, co-workers), what were their reactions? Did they agree that they prefer the channels listed in the report and seek out these types of sources when needing product recommendations?

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