In our daily lives, we have decisions to make every day from the cloth that we are going to use to what we are going to do that day. Scheduling all our activities, it could be satisfying for some people and unsatisfying for others. It depends on the person what it works best for them and what they want to prioritize, in order to make decisions about their lives. When they start applying the decision strategy that works for them, they will feel more relieved from decision fatigue.

Wear the same thing every day: Organize your wardrobe just with the cloth you want to use during the week or made the outfits that you will use every day. Schedule your day: Make a plan of what you’re going to do each hour, do your calendars with time for work, and leisure activities. Set Reminders: Enter your activities of the day in your phone and do them, it will help you feel better because you are being productive. Have a meal plan: Make a schedule of what do you want to eat during the week, it will be easier to choose and to do grocery shopping. Some foods can be the same during the week in order that you do not have to make food daily decisions. Turn off alerts: Focus on your responsibilities and avoid distractions until you have time to be aware of them. Don’t make life harder than it needs to be: Be good with yourself and avoid falling on the habit that you are trying to change. Don’t forget to rest: If you are feeling that you are getting overwhelmed, take a break and take the decisions when your mind is clear.