Video Analysis Paper

this is the link:
Watch it, while taking notes. It is 22 minutes long. Answer the following questions in a short essay format
1. Which country is discussed? How big is this country (population)? Where is it located in the region of South Asia?
2. What is Gross National Happiness policy? What are some key elements of it? Who is promoting it?
3. What is the evidence presented that it is actually working?
4. Are you convinced that this country is “better off” than some of it neighbors? Why? Justifying by using some economical and social statistics found in Tables in your textbook. Check the political organization of this country (use CIA Factbook to find out more about its government). Do you think such policy could be implemented in any country, or this requires a particular political organization?
5. Finally, do you feel USA could have a similar policy? Why or why not

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