UN Funding Request Letter

This paper requires someone who is highly knowledgeable about the impacts of earthquakes and Geography. The paper is an analysis- synthesis paper that requires the writer to express the views of the following: 1. Demographer (population density, dependency ratio, corruption index) 2. Geologist (proximity to oceans-tsunamis, topographical characteristics-landslides, and geology of the ground- steepness) 3. NGO development worker (GDP- development status, Gini coefficient, and concrete evidence of preparation or disaster preparedness) 4. Seismologist (plate boundaries/fault lines, movement of plates, type of boundaries ex. subduction, and the seismic gap theory – frequency and regularity of earthquakes based on past records. All evidences must be accurate and specific with citations and are not earlier than 2010 (except for history of earthquakes).
The 4 viewpoints need to be synthesized into 1 coherent UN proposal following a 3 paragraph format, complete with all figures and information- 4 roles/views, 3 factors each role, totalling 12 points of discussion or debate for each country. Because this is essentially a compare and contrast funding proposal, that would make 24 points of discussion for 2 countries.
The countries in question are Indonesia with a focus on Sumatra and Iran.

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