Question CIS 109 Week 5 Midterm Exam? Intro Mgt. Info Systems Exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions and covers the material in Chapters 1 through 7 Question 1 The purpose of an information system’s ________ component is generating the most useful type of information for making decisions. Answer process internal data external data database Question 2 Management information system’s (MIS) ________ include programs developed in-house. Answer human elements data processes hardware components software components Question 3 Microsoft Access is an example of ________ in an information system. Answer internal data external data database management system knowledge base management system Question 4 A typical PDA includes a(n) ________. Answer external monitor calendar mouse external keyboard Question 5 The output of an information system is ________. Answer data a database a process information Question 6 Transistor was the major technology used during the _______ generation of hardware. Answer first second third fourth Question 7 In a(n) _______ file, each alphabetic, numeric, or special character is represented with a 7-bit binary number. Answer EBCDIC Unicode ASCII extended ASCII Question 8 Computers and communication systems use ________ to represent and transfer information between computers and network systems. Answer Optical character reader (OCR) light pens data codes Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) Question 9 ________ is a function performed by control programs that controls the transfer of data among parts of a computer system, such as exchange of information between the CPU and I/O devices. Answer Job management Resource allocation Data management Communication Question 10 A _______ is the size of a character. Answer nibble bit byte word Question 11 A(n) _______ is a type of memory that stores data sequentially. Answer RAM magnetic tape optical disk RAID Question 12 Data in a data warehouse can be differentiated from data in a database in that the former _______. Answer captures raw transaction data is used for capturing and managing transactions comes from a variety of sources only keeps recent activity in memory Question 13 The _______ approach to setting up a distributed DBMS combines fragmentation and replication. Answer optimization allocation encapsulation normalization Question 14 Which of the following is true of a database? Answer Complex requests can be difficult to handle. More storage space is required. Programs and data are interdependent. More information can be generated from the same data. Question 15 _______ gives users subtotals of various categories. Answer Summary data Raw data Open data Metadata Question 16 A _______ key uniquely identifies every record in a relational database. Answer secondary foreign primary surrogate Question 17 A _______ operation searches data in a table and retrieves records based on certain criteria. Answer project join find select Question 18 A database _______ is responsible for data storage, manipulation, and retrieval. Answer program index system engine Question 19 _______ has created decency concerns, because these e-mails often contain explicit language or nudity. Answer Phishing Spoofing Sniffing Spamming Question 20 In the context of the important concepts regarding Web and network privacy, _______ refers to issues involving both the user’s and the organization’s responsibilities and liabilities. Answer phishing nonrepudiation spoofing accountability Question 21 You make two copies of a software package you just bought for personal use, in case the original software fails and you need a backup. This action is ________. Answer illegal and unethical legal but unethical illegal but ethical legal and ethical Question 22 In the context of the important concepts regarding Web and network privacy, ________is a method for binding all the parties to a contract. Answer phishing nonrepudiation cybersquatting synchronous communication Question 23 Dell, Microsoft, and Unisys Corporation created a partnership to design a voting system for several U.S. states. This is an example of _______. Answer cybersquatting the digital divide a virtual organization telecommuting Question 24 Which of the following is a type of access control? Answer Steel encasements Passwords Firewalls Identification badges Question 25 _______ are usually placed in front of a firewall and can identify attack signatures and trace patterns. Answer Intrusion detection systems Proxy servers Physical security measures Biometric security measures Question 26 Which of the following is a physical security measure? Answer Electronic trackers Passwords Firewalls Signature analysis Question 27 _______ security measures use a physiological element to enhance security measures. Answer Physical Social Biofeedback Biometric Question 28 A(n) _______ is often used so remote users have a secure connection to the organization’s network. Answer biometric security system intrusion detection system virtual private network terminal resource network Question 29 A _______ travels from computer to computer in a network, but it does not usually erase data. Answer Trojan program worm virus backdoor Question 30 _______ are computer security experts who specialize in penetration testing and other testing methods to ensure that a company’s information systems are secure. Answer Script kiddies Black hats White hats Hex editors Question 31 The amount of data that can be transferred from one point to another in one second is called _______. Answer bandwidth controller router protocol Question 32 The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) operates at the OSI model’s _______ layer. Answer Data link Physical Transport Network Question 33 The _______ layer of the OSI model serves as the window through which applications access network services. Answer Application Presentation Network Data link Question 34 The _______ topology is costly and difficult to maintain and expand. Answer star mesh ring bus Question 35 The most common n-tier architecture involves _______ tiers. Answer two three four five Question 36 A(n) ____ is an electronic audio file that is posted on the Web for users to download to their mobile devices or computers. Answer podcast RSS feed blog wiki Question 37 Which of the following protocols is used for retrieving messages? Answer SMTP POP HTTP VoIP Question 38 A(n) ____ is the address of a document or site on the Internet. Answer TLD URL IP DNS Question 39 The Federal Express Tracking System allows customers to enter a package’s tracking number and locate any package still in the system as well as prepare and print shipping forms, get tracking numbers, and schedule pickups. Federal Express is an example of a(n) ____. Answer intranet Internet extranet DMZ Question 40 A(n) ____ is a journal or newsletter that is updated frequently and intended for the general public. Answer podcast RSS feed blog wiki

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