Scope of Nursing Practice

Scope of Nursing Practice

Title of Assignment

Professional Identity of the Nurse: Scope of Nursing Practice

Purpose of Assignment:

According to Larson, Brady, Engelmann, Perkins, and Shultz (2013), “the development of professional identity is a continuous process that begins with admission to the nursing program and evolves throughout one’s professional career in a dynamic and fluid process where interacting relationship of education and practice lead to self-reflection, growth, and human flourishing” (p. 138).

Larson, J., Brady, N., Engelmann, L., Perkins, B., & Shultz, C. (2013). The formation of professional identity in nursing. Nursing Education Perspectives.34 (2). p 138.

Course Competency(s):

Describe the foundations of nursing practice.

Explain the roles and scope of practice for members of the intraprofessional team.

Describe principles of effective communication in the healthcare setting.


This course includes a project with three parts. Each part builds off prior knowledge to help you create your nurse professional identity. In the first part, you examine the role of the nurse and scope of practice, which will help you identify the nurses’ role. In the second part, you describe the importance of the code of ethics in nursing, and examine the standards of nursing practice for the role you are obtaining during the nursing program. The final submission requires you to use the first two parts of your assignment to explain your belief of caring in nursing, describe your professional identity, and identify a potential professional organization that you may join to help support your development.


Prepare a two to three page written assignment that includes the following:

· Introduction to the assignment (sections of the assignment)

· Describe the importance of the code of ethics in nursing

· Identify the American Nurses Association Standards of Practice for the licensure you are obtaining (LPN or RN)

· Conclusion (reflect on the criteria of the assignment)

· Use at least two credible resources to support your findings. For example, one of the resources could be the ANA Standards of Practice, and another resource could be the ANA Code of Ethics. These resources must be integrated into the body of your paper using at least two in-text citations. Be sure to use proper APA format and style.


· Two to three page written assignment

· Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)

· Logical, original and insightful

· Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format

· Run your paper through Grammarly and make corrections to identified errors before submission. Note: You must use the following link to create your Grammarly account. You must use your Rasmussen student email address:


Rasmussen College Online Library School of Nursing > Your Career > Jobs and Outlook > Professional Associations Tab


Writing Help

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Research Help

School of Nursing Online Guide > Nursing Research

Before you begin your search, it is important to understand:

· What is a scholarly or peer reviewed article?

· What is the difference between evidence-based articles and scholarly, research articles?

· How do I know if a source is credible?

Use the links below when you are ready to start searching the online library:

· How do I find scholarly/peer-reviewed nursing articles?

· How do I find articles about nursing best practices?

· Discovery database: What is it, and how do I use it?


New to APA? Watch this video for a brief introduction:

· APA Quick Start

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The APA Guide contains all of the information you need to create a research paper in the APA style, including:

· APA Sample Paper

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