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Risk & Value Management Coursework Help Online

Risk & Value Management Coursework Help Online

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO1     Demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to identify and quantify risk and value at both the strategic and project levels
LO2     Develop and apply systems and tools to the management of risk and value LO3            Develop and justify contingency and disaster recovery plans
LO4     Apply an integrated risk and value management approach to project development and evaluation and communicate the findings in a clear and coherent manner

Assignment Brief

Part B.
This is an individual assignment (Equivalent of 2000 words)

Assignment Scenario

You are a project manager in a manufacturing company, AutoPlast Ltd. The main business of your company is the manufacture of tyres for cars and trucks, which are distributed in the European Union. Your factory is situated inside the Industrial Park of Blumac town and is close to three housing estates and a small village, which in total have a population of about 3000 people (See map below). River Cruze passes directly alongside your site boundary. The river is a successful habitat for several kinds of fish, and supports a thriving local small-scale fishing industry. Your manufacturing plant has been in its present location for over 25 years and is a prime location because of the nearby road and rail networks which the firm uses to transport its raw materials and finished products.

You are required to carry out the following tasks:

Task 1
Profile the risks to your organisation given the above scenario and prepare a quantitative assessment of the risks using an appropriate risk register for the following strategic categories of risk:
i           Political

  1. Economic
  • Social
  1. Technological
  2. Legal
  3. Environmental
  • Competitive


  • marks)

Task 2
Prepare a disaster recovery plan against some possible hazards to your organisation. The plan must include 2 environmental hazards and 2 technological hazards. The format of your report should include a profile of the hazards, the contingency plan and the disaster response for each hazard.

  • marks)

Task 3
Provide a detailed value chain analysis of your business with a view to improving your performance in the market.
(20 marks)

Marking Scheme
Task 1  
Profiling the risks in each category 10%
Risk register with appropriate mitigations 10%
Task 2  
Hazard identification and profiling 5%
Contingency plans & response strategies 10%
Task 3  
Clear identification of a business-specific value chain (not a generic value chain) for your company 10%
Identification of possible non-value –adding activities (hypothetical) and suggestion of appropriate value-adding improvements  
Overall Presentation –demonstration of research/analysis and communication skills; appropriate formatting of report; quality of references using the Harvard  
style and free from plagiarism  
Total Marks 60%


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