the main topics that must be included in this assignment are:
–     Project management
–     Request for Tender (RFT)
–     General Conditions of Contract (GCC)
Some additional information under the above 3 main topics are given below:
Project Management
–     For additional information follow the textbook on Project Management which
–     Give a background to the project. Why is the project being carried out?
Assume you are a consultant to a client.
–     Do a SWOT analysis . Does the SWOT analysis show that it is a feasible project for your client undertake?
–     Give a financial analysis. What is the cost of the project? You need to work this out.
Request for Tender (RFT):
–     Assume that you are representing (as a consultant or employee) the project proponent (a government or private organization)
–     Follow the lecture materials of Week 10.
–     This section must include all the documents that will be part of the RFT and must be prepared specific to your project.
–     Need to identify one General Conditions of Contract such as AS4000, Hunter
Council’s GCC or similar.
–     Develop Annexures I and II, which will be specific to your project.
–     Develop a Statutory Declaration to tie all of the above items together.

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