Physical Geography Lab Activity-Biogeography of Sierra Nevada

 Physical Geography Lab Activity
 Bio geography of the Sierra Nevada
Step 1. Write a one page summary of the differences in climate, species diversity, and plant communities between the Western and Eastern Sierra.   Use your creativity and a bit of effort to locate
bio- geography resources online.
* Search phrases you could use :                                                                                                                                            .Climate and vegetation variation between East and West Sierra.                                                                          .Mammoth Mountain Environment.                                                                                                                         .Plant communities of Eastern Sierra.                                                                                                                         .Biology of the Sierra Nevada.                                                                                                                           .Vegetation of the Sierra Nevada.
Step 2:
Locate information regarding the following species that are found in the Sierras.
. Half page summary on EACH species below!
1- Great Basin Sage
2-Pinyon Pine
4-Rabbit Brush
5-Jeffrey Pine
6-Stellars Jay
8-Lodgepole Pine

  • Include a variety of information on Each species including: history, use by native American, growth characteristics, typical geography or spatial nature of the species.

                                                         So will be 4 pages!
Step 3:
Include a resource page at the end of your project showing the name/addresses of the website that you used.

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