operations-management Essay Tip Top Markets is a regional chain of s

operations-management Essay Tip Top Markets is a regional chain of s

Tip Top Markets is a regional chain of supermarkets located in the Southeastern United States. Karen Martin, manager of one of the stores, was disturbed by the large number of complaints from customers at her store, particularly on Tuesdays, so she obtained complaint records from the store’s customer service desk for the last eight tuesdays. Assume you have been asked to help analyze the data and to make recommendations for improvement. Analyze the data using a check sheet, a pareto diagram, and run charts. Then construct a cause-and-effect diagram for the leading category on your Pareto diagram. On July 15, changes were implemented to reduce out-of-stock complaints, improve store maintenance, and reduce checkout lines/pricing problems. Do the results of the last two weeks reflect improvement? Based on your analysis, prepare a list of recommendations that will address customer complaints.June 1out of orange yogurtproduce not freshbread stalelemon yogurt past sell datecheckout lines too longcouldn’t find riceoverchargedmilk past sell datedouble chargedstock clerk rudemeat smelled strangecashier not friendlycharged for item not purchasedout of maple walnut ice creamcouldn’t find the spongessomething green in meatmeat tasted strangedidn’t like musicstore too coldcheckout lines too slowlight out in parking lotJune 8fish smelled funnyunderchargedout of diet breadout of rosesdented canmeat spoiledout of hamburger rollsovercharged on two itemsfish not freshstore too warmcashier not helpfulout of icemeat tasted badtelephone out of orderATM ate cardoverchargedslippery floorrolls stalemusic too loudbread past sale dateJune 15wanted smaller sizeovercharged on specialtoo cold in storecouldn’t find aspirinout of Wheatiesunderchargedout of Minute Ricecheckout lines too longcashier rudeout of diet colafish tasted fishymeat smelled badice cream thawedovercharged on eggsdouble charged on hard rollsbread not freshlong wait at checkoutdidn’t like musicwrong price on itemlost walletoverchargedovercharged on breadfish didnt smell rightJune 22milk past sales datecouldn’t find oatmealstore too warmout of Bounty paper towelsforeign object in meatovercharged on orange juicestore too coldlines too long at checkouteggs crackedcouldn’t find shoelacescouldn’t find lardout of Smucker’s strawberry jamout of 42 oz. Tideout of Frosty Flakes cerealfish really badout of Thomas’ English Muffinswindows dirtyJune 29Checkout line too longrestroom not cleanout of dove soapcouldn’t find spongesout of Bisquickcheckout lines sloweggs crackedout of 18oz Tidestore not cleanout of Campbell’s turkey soupstore too coldout of pepperoni stickscashier too slowcheckout lines too longout of skim milkmeat not freshcharged wrong priceovercharged on melonJuly 6out of strawsstore too warmout of bird foodprice not as advertisedovercharged on butterneed to open more checkoutsout of masking tapeshopping carts hard to steerstockboy was helpfuldebris in aisleslost childout of Dranomeat looked badout of chinese cabbageovercharged on butterstore too warmout of swiss chardfloors dirty and stickytoo many people in storeout of Diamond chopped walnutsout of bubble bathout of Dial soapJuly 13wrong price on spaghettiunderchargedwater on floorout of brown ricestore looked messyout of mushroomsstore too warmoverchargedcheckout lines too longcheckout wait too longcashier not friendlyshopping cart brokenout of Cheese doodlescouldn’t find aspirintriple chargedout of Tip Top lunch bagsout of Saran Wrapout of Tip Top strawsout of Dove BarsJuly 20out of cucumberscheckout lines too slowout of Red Peppersfound keys in parking lotout of Tip Top napkinslost keysout of Apricotswrong price on sale itemtelephone out of orderovercharged on cornout of cocktail saucewrong price on baby foodwater on floorout of 18oz Tideout of onionsout of Tip Top tissuesout of squashcheckout lines too longout of iceberg lettuceout of romaine lettuceout of Tip Top paper towelsJuly 27out of bananaswanted to know who won the lotteryreported accident in parking lotstores too warmwrong price on cranapple juiceout of carrotsoatmeal spilled in bulk sectionout of fresh figstelephone out of orderout of tip top napkinsout of tip top tissuesout of tip top strawswater on floorwindows dirtyout of tip top towelsout of icerberg lettuceout of tip top paperdisklike store decorationsspaghetti sauce on floorout of tip top lunch bagsout of peter pan crunchy peanut butterout of vanilla soy milk

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