Topic: Improving Medication Adherence in Diabetic Patients in Home Health Care Settings

This project needs improvement. The highlighted areas need to updated. Missing in-text citations need to be updated and the missing paragraphs must be updated.

Please see the attached project,

Improving Medication Adherence in Diabetic Patients in Home Health Care Settings

Submitted by

Bola Odusola-Stephen








Direct Practice Improvement Project Proposal

Doctor of Nursing Practice







Grand Canyon University

Phoenix, Arizona



January 22, 2021







Improving Medication Adherence in Diabetic Patients in Home Health Care Settings



Bola Odusola-Stephen



Proposed Comment by Author: Please note that this page will change with your final DPI manuscript development. Make sure you begin to use the DPI Project Template after obtaining IRB approval.


January 22, 2021




Mary Guhwe, DNP, Manuscript Chair

Bamidele Jokodola, DNP, Committee Member



AbstractĀ Comment by Author: The abstract is an accurate, nonevaluative, concise summary or synopsis of the research project. It is not an introduction and is usually the last thing written. The purpose of the abstract is to assist future investigators in accessing the project material and other vital information contained in the practice improvement project. Although only a relatively few people typically read the full practice improvement project after publication, the abstract will be read by many scholars and investigators. Consequently, great care must be taken in writing this section of the practice improvement project. The abstract is a concise statement of the nature of the project and content of the practice improvement project. The content of the abstract covers the problem statement, clinical questions, methodology, design, data analysis procedures, location, sample, theoretical foundations, results, and implications. The abstract does not appear in the Table of Contents and has no page number. Abstracts must be double-spaced and no longer than 1 page. The abstract must be fully justified with no indentions and no citations. Refer to the APA Publication Manual, 6th Edition, for additional guidelines for the development of the practice improvement project abstract. DNP 955 Learners will do the abstract and stop at Data Results. Comment by Author: This is a requirement, stop at Data Results šŸ™‚ Comment by Author: Need to revise this WHOLE section.

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