NRS222 Essential Nursing Care: Mental Health Nursing

NRS222 Essential Nursing Care: Mental Health Nursing

NRS222 Essential Nursing Care: Mental Health Nursing


Case Study Analysis


Shawn Bolton is in room 4. He was transferred from ED last night with suspected infective endocarditis from injecting drug use. He is prescribed intravenous antibiotics and is booked in for an echocardiogram at 10 am.   Shawn has not slept overnight, has been highly agitated and complaining of severe stomach cramps. He has requested that he be prescribed OxyContin and be given a cigarette.

You notice he is prescribed Buprenorphine patches and while you are applying one you discuss Shawn’s situation with him. He tells you his family came from Brewarrina when he was a baby but he was removed from his parents when he was 2 years old as they were young and had trouble caring for him. As a result, Shawn was placed into foster care. He lived in 10 different homes until the age of 15 when he was put in juvenile detention for drug dealing. Shawn said that he started drinking alcohol and smoking weed at 12 years old to cope with his feelings of sadness and to block out ‘bad’ memories from his childhood in foster homes. He says he just wants to go home and that “this place is no good for me”.


This assessment requires you to analyse the case study above.

Please read the case study carefully, then answer the five (5) questions below:

  • Accurately identify and describe the mental health issues experienced by the person.
  • Explain the appropriate contemporary, evidence-based care options that are:
  1. a) pharmacological;
  2. b) non-pharmacological;
  3. c) person and family oriented; and,
  4. d) culturally safe.

3) Discuss the consultation/referral that would need to take place.

4) Explain the ethical considerations and legal frameworks used when caring for the person.

5) Analyse the major factors, including opportunities and challenges, related to the lived experience of Shawn’s situation.

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