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(Business to Consumer) B2C
Our proposal  for new product is a ((liquid /spray)) that we can use for waste food to change it to something useful such as organic fertilizer, useful for farmers to strengthening of soil at the lower cost, also will be Great for the environment. Provides manure for fertilizer natural alternatives, rather than using Chemicals
Each points in section ( D ) must be mentioned AND included in your writing proposal:  such as brief budget,indicate timescales up 12 months,control and management of the marketing briefly discussed, etc
Part D: Management and Control (approximately 10%)
The Plan should include a brief budget and indicate timescales (GANTT Chart) up to 12 months, together with other relevant information, i.e. details of any appropriate legislation / mandatory approvals, such as compliance with the Food Standards Agency / packaging requirements
The control and management of the marketing program should be also briefly discussed.
How the various elements of the plan relate to each other, and the consistency between them and the budget forecast will also influence your grade.
Should be linked with part (C) and Continue with part (D).

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