Hi Madison,

As business people, no. However, neither as consumers. In fact, Big Data collection is of extreme benefit to society. Recalling what I’ve read from Swipe to Unlock and The Future is Faster than you Think, Big Data collection is highly beneficial because it is used to understand our society and role as consumers better. For example, with the data that Google collects, it can filter the most relevant results and optimize our searches. Further, with data regarding spending habits, marketers can now understand us and direct more relevant and personalized ads. Or would you still prefer to receive ads for furniture even though you’re not looking for furnished goods at that moment? While using social media, I have appreciated the technological advancements that big data has allowed. I receive more relevant ads and can easily find products that I am interested in at that moment. There are no more annoying t.v commercials that don’t have anything to do with our lives and different life stages. Thus, I find it interesting that you believe Big Data to be highly overwhelming.

A recent article claims that big data is shaping our society for the better. However, the most noticeable changes can be seen in business, healthcare, and governments, ultimately leading to more efficient systems. Last week I paid a visit to Kohl’s and needed to exchange an item. I didn’t have my receipt, and they were able to look up the transaction by reinserting my card in the card reader. Such innovations lead to more efficient and more accessible systems for the convenience of consumers. If we are going to be business leaders, we must adapt to big data and embrace it in our industries. Otherwise, we will fail to manage a business feasibly and risk falling behind adequately.