MAR6508 Week 1 Critical Assignment

Select 2 characteristics of Brazil’s “next billion” discussed in the “Winning over the next billion consumers” article and apply them to analyze how Brazilian consumers will respond to the L’Oreal’s strategy in Brazil strategy and how L’Oreal should tailor the strategy to meet Brazilian consumers’ needs?
a. Themes to apply:
i. Characteristic of Brazil’s next billion: Fluctuating incomes, upwardly mobile,
risk aversion, seek guidance for buying new products, preference for the
ii. Guidelines for success with next billion: Design products the next billion
want and can use, establish new distribution networks, develop distinctive
marketing programs
b. Refer to: “Winning over the next billion consumers” article, L’Oreal in Brazil article
c. Format: DOUBLE‐SPACED, 1‐inch margins, 10 or 11 point font, Arial or Times
new roman, 2 page maximum. Label top of paper with your name: Tirri, “Critical
analysis assignment #1”, and the date.

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