This is a very interesting, complicated question to answer. You bring up a good point that the world is built on different governments with different beliefs and values. This complicated fact is what makes this question so difficult to answer.

In my opinion, I believe that a good government leader is an upstanding citizen. I believe that a good representative of this country understands the dignity and honor associated with their position and act accordingly.

What do I mean by act accordingly? Well, I believe you should treat everyone with kindness, no matter how similar or different they are from you. This includes, but is not limited to, the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their views on politics, their religious values. Nothing, (besides maybe committing a vicious crime), constitutes treating someone differently or poorly just because they don’t think the same way you do.

I believe that when our government representatives are people with characteristics like these I mentioned above, that this would lead to kinder people, kinder governments, and overall, a kinder world.

These are just my opinions, what I believe is “correct.” What is your version of “correct?”