According to Greater Good Magazine, Summer Allen lists ten popular ways to encourage people to give more. I will highlight the ones I think are most helpful in a pandemic and provide my interpretation.

  • Help people to feel their emotions

A lot of us are experiencing the same struggles in the pandemic, so having people feel their struggle and sense of unity might encourage them to donate more. So you could focus on an ad that shows that.

  • Tie giving to a sense of identity and purpose

Showing the donor that the mission has a purpose increases their likelihood to donate. This also ties in with the next point.

  • Describe the impact of the donation

If you can show your donor how much your organization can help people during the pandemic, they will be more likely to donate.

  • Make giving feel good

People feel better when they are donating to a cause that helps other people. Again, show that by donating to your organization they will be positively impacting the community.

  • Take advantage of contagious generosity

Studies show that people are more likely to donate to a cause when people from a group donate. So try and target a larger group of people, and maybe advertise that people have been donating to your organization to help out. It might encourage someone else to do the same.