How can I team leader boost the team productivity

How can I team leader boost the team productivity?

Many people think that because a team incorporates more ideas when people appear as a team, there will always be a better result than working on their own. But can a newly formed team, whose members are not familiar with each other, become more productive?

We all know that we have to enhance productivity, so we should strive to communicate and be part of a team. But all communication does not make a team more productive. So how should we enhance productivity? As a leader, what should I pay more attention to lead the whole team to complete a work?

In today’s complex and collaborative workplace, the real challenge is to manage not just your personal workload but the collective one, says Jordan Cohen, a productivity expert and the Senior Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Learning & Development at Weight Watchers. “Helping your team manage its time well is a critical factor for its success.” So how should a team manage their time, and is there anything else that needs to be addressed?

Similarly, some team leaders will divide their teams into many parts to complete the work, which can indeed make the work completed faster. However, how do we ensure that each part is very coherent? Will this cause more time waste? At the bottom, there is a YouTube link that explains two tips to increase team productivity.

It is essential for team leaders to posses these characteristics of configuring, aligning, executing, and renewing.

In this article of McKinsey & Company, experts have pointed out that effective leaders have to work on these four principles: configure — delegate suitable roles for suitable members, align — set out value agenda, priorities, and goal, execute — make the right decision, renew — innovating, learning, and adapting. These are indispensable characteristics in conducting a functional team and get the best out of every member. In addition to that, leaders should strive to provide the motivation and support that they need to help encourage their team performance. It takes time to build up the foundation of good collaboration. But communication is key. Allowing and encouraging everyone to speak up and contributing to the team can make it more productive and effective. Delegating people to the right task and make sure they stay on track is another responsible for a leader to hold too.

“All leadership teams should strive for such results by addressing key opportunity areas and the behaviors most important to their success.”


Is Leadership a Skill or a Quality

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