Following are list of some suggestion of how too improve the expression of dance performance:

“1. Find a connection with the song or character

2. Get in front of the mirror and exercise the facial muscles by expressing different facial expressions

3. Get comfortable looking at yourself in the mirror and perfect the feeling and connection with the facial expression

4. Connection feeling with your body movement and exaggerating your execution for muscle memory, finally is just practice and practice”

I think a better way to do that is to first have a good understanding of the type of dance that you are going to do, is it a soft expressive style or is it more energetic? It’s quite manic. Then is to listen to and feel the feeling of music, can let oneself more into, to create a unique environment and feeling, help oneself to understand the background of dance movements and music. The next step is to repeatedly observe your facial expressions, eye contact and so on in front of the mirror when practicing the dance movements.