GM 540 Week 9 Exam Week 9 Frame Paper

GM 540 Week 9 Exam Week 9 Frame Paper

Week 9 Frame Paper


Symbolic Frame Paper

Discuss, analyze and evaluate your organization (or one you are familiar with) from the perspective of the Symbolic Frame. Be sure to use the text tools and concepts to make your arguments.

Contents of Organizational Frame Reports:

These projects are designed to enable students to analyze their observations relative to viewing organizations through the various four frames…this paper will be on the symbolic frame.

Specifically, students will examine their own organizations/work places and will reflect their observations:

  1. use your job/work place as your focus
  2. look at your job position through a “symbolic frame”
  3. describe what you see through that symbolic frame
  4. analyze and evaluate what you see through this frame


  1. describe/conclude with a specific set of recommendations to improve the organization from the perspective of the symbolic frame.

There is no specific length required for these reports (maximum of 5 pages), but they must address the issues adequately. In addition, use the text and others resources to support your arguments and ideas. Be sure to analyze using academic support.

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