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Do you prefer to romanticism or realism

Do you prefer to romanticism or realism?

Through this week’s lecture, we learned about romanticism and realism.

Romanticism developed side by side with the melodrama, and feelings are more important than thoughts. Also, till the end of the plot, hero often needed to die. For the background, it is always long ago or far away.

Realism always begins with a manifesto, and the stories need to show how people react to their environments. On the stage, the play need to show the characters’ relationships through psychology, environment, and the five senses. It is closer to our real lives.

For me, I prefer the romanticism because it is far away from the daily life. We have been in the environment of the realism that art always originates from lives and is higher than our real life. By contrast, the background and plots in Romanticism is highly different from our real life so that we can learn many other interesting and innovative stuffs. Therefore, I prefer the romanticism. What about you, romanticism, or realism?


I think romanticism has a lot of dramatic themes and scenes that make it very interesting to watch. It sometimes fulfills a void of emotion that I feel just by seeing or reading such intense dialogues. Realism are situations we see on a day to day life. When I watch something I wanted to be distracted from the world and see things that wouldn’t normally happen in real life. One thing that does bother me about romanticism is that the hero usually dies. Sometime i become very attached to the hero and wish it could end differently, but i understand that it adds to the dramatic effect and leaves audience disturbed sometimes, but that is a feeling you will never forget, and that’s what directors strive for: to be unforgettable.

I prefer realism

As the website I cited, it defined that Realism, in the arts, the accurate, detailed, unembellished depiction of nature or of contemporary life. Realism in the theatre was a general movement in the later 19th century that steered theatrical texts and performances toward greater fidelity to real life.

Everyone likes imaginative beautiful things. For myself, I like too; however, I don’t believe in because imagination would flee away, which I cannot catch. I prefer something that belongs to me. What I literarily own should be what I chase for.

The wellness of romantic is undeniable because people like beautiful things. Also, I think people can have romatic thoughts, but they also need to be rational.

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