Did the Covid pandemic cause you stress and how did you deal with it

Did the Covid pandemic cause you stress and how did you deal with it?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives dramatically in the past year. People are adapting to a new world that they are not familiar with. The change is now the new reality.

Some people are experiencing stress because they lost their jobs. Others are experience stress because of school. There are many reason people are more stress during the pandemic than before. In a study, researchers found that people are experiencing the highest amount of stress since the start of the pandemic.

People have different ways to deal with stress. Some people listen to musicgo on a walkdo some that helps them escape. However, so people don’t have a way to deal with stress.

Has the pandemic caused you to be more stressful than before? If so, how do you deal with stress? Do you find the strategy to be helpful?

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