Case study: OCEANCOVE

Case study: OCEANCOVE

“case study ocean cove requirement.docx”

Case study: OCEANCOVE
Dear Writer,
Here is a case study about my CBM class. “This course emphasizes principle of effective process design. Topics include design of manufacturing and service processes focusing on cycle time reduction, lead time reduction and measurement of process performance, and the use of technology to support design activities.”

Please read my case” oceancove.pdf ”, and the question is on the file “Ocean cove questions case study.docx” .
1. Please answer the questions one by one.
2. Please see my PPT “Chap004.pptx” and PPT “Chapter007.pptx”. Use the knowledge from these two PPT to do the case study.
3. Please write the paper very carefully, it must focus on this case and have detail.
4. Please pay attention to your degree of similarity, the lower the better. Professor will check plagiarism degree

ocean cove Questions:
Describe Ocean Cove’s target market, its needs and values. How do the company’s internal goals and operational activities allow it to meet these needs.?

Draw a process flow diagram of a customer’s experience at Ocean Cove from entering the restaurant to paying the bill and a diagram of the kitchens operations. Use these diagrams to display important operational information ( e.g. process times, activity capacity, average queues etc.).

At what rate do customers flow into the dining area at the peak of lunch hour? At what rate do order tickets flow into the kitchen at the peak of lunch hour?

Calculate the capacity per hour and capacity utilization for each of the steps in the process. Where is the bottleneck at lunch time? What is the total restaurant capacity at lunch time?

How long would a customer have to wait for a grilled fish meal, assuming she is the first customer to enter the restaurant at lunch? What if she arrives at the peak of lunch hour?

What are the implications for kitchen operations if the number of seats in the restaurant increases from 120 to 160? Would you recommend this? Should Ocean Cove open a new restaurant?

Professor’s requirement:
(1) Papers should be printed, double-spaced, with normal margins. The name of the case should be on the first page of the text with your names, date, and course number. An executive summary is not required nor expected.

(2) The page limit for each paper is four pages of text, plus exhibits. Note that these are maxi¬mum limits. Papers should be concise and coherent.

(3) Exhibits should contain specific types of analyses (application of a framework, table of comparisons, cost analysis, competitive features, etc.) and information (web page of firm) that supports and is relevant, but would be too detailed for the body of the paper.

(4) Please proofread/spell check your paper before turning it in. Papers for this course should be of the same quality that you would provide to the management of the business.

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