Assignment 3: Entry Strategy

Assignment 3: Entry Strategy

D – Assignment 3: Entry Strategy

Assignment 3: Entry Strategy Type:               Group (maximum 4 members per group) or individual
Due date:       2359 (11:59 pm) on Friday, 5 February 2016 by online submission
Word limit:     3000-4000 words, definitely NO MORE (word count excludes executive summary, title page, table of contents, reference list and appendices)
Value:             40%
Format:           Written report
Hurdle requirement: Each group member must individually submit the section they contributed to the assignment (about 1000 words)
Further information about Assignment 3 will be placed on CloudDeakin.
  1. Description of the task

Assignment 3 requires you to write a REPORT presenting a current (2015-16) scenario, plus a forecast based on this scenario for 4-5 years to 2020 for Taratap’s possible entry into Kenya. This assignment will build on material from Assignment 2 by covering issues relating to potential market, industry and competitor analysis, modes of entry and other relevant factors addressed in topics 7 to 11 of the Unit and your wider research.

  • Assignment 3 must include a market analysis, industry analysis, competitor analysis and SWOT analysis relevant to the company and the country using the information provided in the Assessment Overview
  • This must be combined with the analysis of the environmental material in the Assignment 2 report to develop recommendations as to the mode of entry Taratap should use for entry into Kenya.
  • There should be recommendations as to the strategy and structure the company should use in implementing its market entry decision.

Report content

Issues, guided by material from Topics 7 to 11 Current scenario (2015-16) Future scenario (2020)

Report structure

·         Executive summary·         Introduction
·         Industry analysis
·         Market analysis
·         Competitor analysis
·         SWOT analysis
·         International strategy
·         Mode of entry
·         International structure
·         International human resource management
·         International marketing
·         International finance & accounting
·         Recommendations and conclusions
·         References
·         Appendices including an Assumptions appendix
  1. Format of assignment

The aim of the assignment is to present a formal written report with headings and a clear logical structure. You should also include a full list of the references that have been cited in the body of the report. Only include information in your appendices that has been directly referred to in the body of your document. Make sure that you actually refer to each appendix in the report. You are encouraged to keep important information, tables and graphs in the main part of the report.
A formal report should consist of:

  1. A title page containing the unit title and code, lecturer’s name, and the names and student ID numbers of all members of the assessment group and word count of your main document (Word count is from the introduction to the conclusion.)
  2. An executive summary – that is, a summary of the whole report; it should include the findings of the report and key recommendations, and not just what was covered, and it should be no longer than one page
  3. A table of contents
  4. An introduction describing the purpose and scope of the report, the background of the organisation, the research methodology, and any limitations or assumptions in the report, if appropriate.
  5. Body of the report describing, analysing, and evaluating the environment in relation to the company and the possible market entry strategies and linking this to relevant theory and best practice
  6. Recommendation and Conclusions. It is essential that your recommendations be clearly listed, preferably as numbered points.
  7. References
  8. Appendices – You must include all critical material for your particular business in the body of the report. Place other important information in individual appendices. You will need to refer to each appendix in the body of your report, and they need to be numbered accordingly, i.e. Appendix 1, Appendix 2, etc.
  1. Helpful Hints

Writing style
Your report should be written using a formal and impersonal style. Slang terms (e.g. awesome) and contractions (e.g. didn’t; won’t) should be avoided. Colloquial words and expressions used in everyday spoken language (e.g. above board for legitimate) are also inappropriate.
The appropriate impersonal tone (avoiding the use of I, we, me, my) can be achieved by using the passive voice (e.g. were specified; it is suggested), which focuses on what was done, rather than who did it. While you are expected to develop an argument and express your opinion, strong and emotive expressions of opinion and attitude are also inappropriate in a formal written report. See for advice on academic writing styles.

It is acceptable for Assessment 3 to make realistic and reasonable assumptions to enhance the information provided about the company and the country in the Assessment Overview document. These assumptions are a matter for your judgement, but it is a requirement that you report your assumptions in an Appendix, together with some brief justification of them.
Here are some examples of assumptions you might make:

  • It may not be possible to obtain enough detailed information about competitors in the industry to allow you to provide a substantiated argument for your strategy, structure or mode of entry decisions. You might then make (and report) assumptions, which allow you to provide support for your argument.
  • You may wish to assume that your company has enough financial capability to execute their international strategy.

Marking rubric

A copy of the marking rubric is provided at the end of this document. You may use this to help you prepare your report. The rubric will be used to assess and provide feedback on your work. Please note all assessment tasks are scored out of 100, and are then scaled to the percentage value of each assessment. Assignment 3 is worth 40% of the marks for the Unit.

  1. Assignment 3 Checklist

A list of all the points you need to consider in completing Assignment 3 is provided below. You can dismiss some points as not being important for the company or the country, but you should at least briefly think about them all. Your objective should be to give clear guidance to the company on how they should enter this country market.

Executive summary Yes No
Provides key findings on most sections (i.e. industry, market, competitor, SWOT, strategy, entry mode, structure, controls and key functional strategies) in the assignment, summarises the report and provides an overall recommendation in no more than one page.    
Company profile
Scope/parameters of the report
Methodology used
Limitations of report
Industry Analysis    
Identifies the industry that the company is in
Provides statistics on the size and growth of the industry
Identifies the key locations for the industry in the target country
Identifies segments/divisions within the industry
Market Analysis
A brief market analysis is provided
Identifies relevant segments
Items include: what market the company is trying to reach; size of the market; whether it is saturated or not; whether the market growing, stable or volatile; the importance of one segment over another (if applicable)
Competitor Analysis    
Identifies the key competitors in the industry/market relevant to the company
Provides a description of those competitors including their size, location, products/services, strategy, focus, opportunities and threats to the company
Identifies the level of competition in the market
Identifies whether the industry and market are attractive for making a profit
Conducts a SWOT analysis
Identifies 3 to 5 internal key strengths and 3 to 5 weaknesses
Identifies 3 to 5 external opportunities and 3 to 5 threats
Draws conclusions from this analysis
From the SWOT analysis develops a strategy and achievable goals
What – Identifies the strategy chosen
Clearly identifies which strategy the company will pursue in the target country including location
Why – Explains choice of the strategy using:
–       Environmental data from factors of Assignment 2
–       Industry/market and competitor data from Assignment 3
How– Articulates tactics to achieve those goals
Entry Mode    
How – Clearly chooses an entry mode(s), justifies the choice and very briefly articulates why other modes were not chosen
Explains the entry mode and how it works for the company
Explains the resources and timeframe needed for implementation of the chosen entry mode
Clearly identifies the structure that the company will need to achieve its strategy
Provides a diagram / chart of what this structure looks like for the company
Identifies and explains at least 4 control measures that the company will employ for its operations in the target country
Controls are linked to the company’s performance (only if applicable)
Functional Strategies    
Identifies an International Human Resource Management Strategy for the company
Identifies an International Marketing Strategy for the company
Identifies Financial Issues for the company relevant to entry mode chosen
Financial issues for the particular entry mode(s) chosen: the FDI entry mode, the exporting mode, the joint venture mode and the licensing mode.
Note: we are looking for the ‘specific’ issues regarding the particular entry mode (s) chosen by you
Identifies and explains the strategy the company might want to follow in the next five years
Recommendations & Conclusions
All data presented in the report is analysed and evaluated, which leads to key recommendations for the company.
The report concludes appropriately, and is coherent and logical.
The report is practical (while being carefully based on theory) and can be implemented if environmental conditions are favorable.    
Assignment 3 links to Assignment 2 (Assignment 2 is used to inform the strategy creation for Assignment 3).
Submission file named Group # – MPM735 – Assignment 3 FINAL

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