2808NRS Human Pathophysiology And Pharmacology Paper

2808NRS Human Pathophysiology And Pharmacology

2808NRS Human Pathophysiology And Pharmacology

Case Scenario Paul Smith, a 74-year-old patient with a medical history of heart failure presents to ED with decreased urine output, heart palpitations, and deep laboured breathing. Upon initial assessment, his potassium levels were elevated and was observed to have pitting oedema. Further tests revealed high creatinine levels. Paul is diagnosed with Acute Kidney Injury due to impaired kidney perfusion.Aim:
The aim of this assessment is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking
skills, your capacity to differentiate a normal from abnormal patient presentation and to identify
appropriate, evidence-based, diagnostic investigations and treatment modalities associated with an
assigned case-study.
This assessment item will assess:
Learning Outcome 1: Apply your knowledge of the pathophysiology of disorders of the cardiovascular,
respiratory, endocrine, renal, gastrointestinal, and haematological systems to solve clinical problems.
Learning Outcome 3: Relate the clinical manifestations and diagnostic findings of health deviations to
the underlying pathophysiology of disease states; and
Learning Outcome 4: Select diagnostic tests, physical assessment techniques and treatment
modalities (especially pharmacotherapeutics) that are appropriate to the disorders

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